Using the rear view to your advantage

IMG_3017“Don’t look back”

“I’ve never looked back and look where I am”

“Don’t dwell in the past”

Sayings I’ve heard from time to time I don’t completely agree with or find realistic. Can you completely wipe the past from your memory organically? I don’t know. Maybe someone out there has. I agree with not living in the past because you’re stuck in a time you can never go back to.

However, you can use the past in your favor to move forward from your current position. Learning from your mistakes, quote unquote “failures.” I put it that way because I don’t see a failure unless the individual never went for it. You must look back to analyze what you could’ve done better, could you have acted instead of reacted, to improve the situation. Once you have done this, you can let it go and move forward at ease.

Repeating the situation in your mind continuously is a waste of unused space, creativity, and clouds your future. Make peace with your past, and be at peace within.

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Love you guys.

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