Speak with Emotion

IMG_2989The following is the most gorgeous deliverance of a story called “the selfish giant” written by Oscar Wilde. If you want to improve your public speaking skills, flow and tone of the way a story or speech should be given? Watch the following video of OG Mandino. This incredible individual is the author of multiple #1 best selling books, including “the best salesman in the world.” His voice is just so beautiful and enchanted; the emotion he projects when delivering any speech or rendition; you can just feel his pain and empathy, and triumph. If you want to capsulate an audience, speak from the heart. Don’t be to proud to let your scars show; they are a badge of bravery, strength, survival, maturity and growth. Listen to this story every morning, and set the tone for the day. It is a story of giving, sharing, selfishness and appreciation. Click on the link to view the presentation.

OG Mandino

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