Succeed by giving the body what it needs

IMG_0086Yesterday at noon I left on a short get away to San Diego with my family. The night before, my parents came to visit my daughter since they weren’t going to see her for the weekend. They also brought along pizza and wings for dinner. I said “hey, that sounds like a great way to start a mini vaca.” So the whole weekend I have been putting absolute shit in my body; Mexican food, ice cream, large amounts of soda, Pringles, the works. Here it is, Saturday night and I’m bloated with anxiety, low self esteem, little confidence, and a desire to lay my fat ass around and feel sorry for myself. My philosophy in physical fitness is broken down into two reasonings: one, I workout in order to keep my mind focus, clear, sharp between the ears; and two, I give my body what it needs and not what it wants in order to kill the fat and trim the waist line; there is the flaw. As the great Jack Lalanne said, “you’re waist line is your life line.” That is an awesome philosophy, but for some people, it has to be more about the vanity. I didn’t realize until this weekend how much of an impact my fuel source had on my mentality. I am so preoccupied with what the mirror is telling me I forget to listen to my inner voice. That’s probably because I choose to dismiss 90% of what my thoughts are saying because most of them are negative. That is the core reasoning as to how I jumped on this path of personal development. I’m tired of the negativity that has kept me caged for so many years. I tell people I am figuring out 999 ways how not to get in shape,   but that is a bullshit excuse I use to cover for my lack of accountability and self discipline. Don’t get me wrong, I may not have the desired physique yet but getting my ass in the gym regularly has had a tremendous impact on where I have gone. I was out of school for seven years, but signed up two years ago and have been attending ever since. I picked up reading, something I never would have been caught dead doing! In the past, whenever I started something I would never finish because it got too hard; or I got too lazy. Working out consistently has given me the belief that I can do anything I put my mind to. People preach that a lot but I don’t think they believe it unless they experience it. I eat to live, I don’t live to eat; is my new philosophy on health and once I start seeing the changes those few words produce, I am sky rocketing to the next level in my personal, business, spiritual and physical development. Give your body what it needs, and you set off an endless chain of possibilities and wonders.

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