Master your emotions in 30 days

IMG_0084When someone says, people don’t change, that is bull shit. People don’t change if they CHOOSE to remain the same. To Master your emotions is completely doable and possible; therefore, causing a person to make a change within themselves. The following is invaluable information as it can alter your life and add an endless amount of value To your person. I came across these philosophies of life and communication when I stumbled across Tony Robbins’ seminar on YouTube. I will post the link @ the end but for those who don’t want to watch the two hour seminar, even though I highly recommend you do, I will breakdown the key points for you.

The first principle you will want to write down, is the quality of your LIFE, equals the quality of your communication. In other words, if you communicate poorly to others, you will have a low quality of life based on the perception of you. The first step you are going to take to improve this, is by changing the way you communicate with YOURSELF! Those negative thoughts we communicate too ourselves, I’m no good at this job, I can’t do this, I’m stupid, and so on. These thoughts will project onto others and as a result, will cause them to project the same attitude back to you; causing your state to worsen. It goes back to the simple practice of loving yourself. Communicate not only positively, but effectively to yourself. We are our biggest critics; it’s ok to give yourself a break and not be so rough on yourself.

The 2nd principle is changing the way we perceive an event that correlates to ourselves. If we feel someone has betrayed us, or a breakup with a boyfriend or girlfriend; are examples of these events. When certain situations transpire, we feel anger, which turns into hurt, thus creating the feeling of loss. A sense of loss is an illusion we create within our brain as a response to the event that occurred. You can’t lose something you never had; and you can’t lose anything, it just changes form. For example,  when we breakup with somebody, we will like we have lost their love. But we haven’t lost it because we never had it; the status of the relationship just changed form. Love is something you don’t have to go looking for, when it’s where you came from.

Lastly, I want to cover communication with another, and what you can learn from them. Note, ANY communication we another individual, and we receive a response, it is either a loving response, or a cry for help. Say a customer service rep takes a call from an irate customer because they haven’t been provided the service they were initially promised upon subscription of their services. This individual is not upset with the rep, yet he is crying out for his help that he is not getting elsewhere. If you take every social situation and apply this method, you can never lose. Remember, it is not the event that determines the quality of our life, but what we do with it that determines the quality, of our life.

If you apply this methods each day for 30 days, you are guaranteed a successful journey to master your emotions.

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