Warrior Forum LIFE ban

IMG_2966.PNGI’m obviously new to the blogging slash forum slash internet world. I mean, I know how to click search on google but as far as being a part of any kind of online community, I am a novice at best. So I joined a forum with like minded individuals to learn and also get my blog out there in hopes of getting subscribers, fans, readers, etc. I issued a new post yesterday introducing my website on the forum. I checked my notifications today and received a message from the site stating my thread was deleted with the reason as: Blank. I thought, hmm, maybe it was just a hiccup. Today I put out another similar post and about 2 minutes later I was clicking on a post to read and received the above notification. I am hoping for some insight from you web veterans so I can make sure I don’t run into this kind of trouble again. Do most of these forums have the same rules? Was I being unethical?!

thank you for reading and if you like the content, feel free to subscribe!

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