When I stop talking, you’ll know I’m dead: Book Review

IMG_2960.PNG5:48am Western/Pacific time. I’m up earlier than usual cause my daughter decided to wake up early :). Anywho, I picked up this book from Tai Lopez YouTube segment, “book of the day.” It is written by the legendary producer that I am quite surprised I never heard of, and his name is Jerry Weintraub. This is an incredible account of his life story to success and fame among the entertainment business. He worked with mega acts such as: Frank Sanatra, Elvis, and many many more. The concept of the book centers around the act of, PERSUASION. I say act instead of the “word”, persuasion; because taking a cause of action is exactly what you need to do to get where you want in life like Mr. Weintraub did; one of the many acts that is. This man worked incredibly hard to reach the status of which he is known for today. Staying up all night in clubs and venues chasing acts to sign for his business. I’m sure he enjoyed every minute of it but just reading what he had to do made me exhausted lol. But this is what it takes to get where you want in life. It is very inspiring for any young individual or company that is just starting off, to keep them motivated and pushing towards their goals and aspirations. I give this book 110% as I enjoyed every minute of it, and I know you will to.

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