Shoe Dog, story of THE underdog: Book Review

IMG_2958What’s up peeps!

Grab your favorite night cap, lay down by the fire, and cozy up while reading this post; cliché intended.  I have picked up a habit that I NEVER pictured myself doing in my spare time; and enjoying every bit of it. Reading. I’ve come to love it in the past six months as I started my never ending journey to personal development. One of the latest books I have read is shoe dog, a memoir by the legendary Phil Knight. It was quite unexpected and very detailed; describing each event as if it happened yesterday. The pictures are painted perfectly as though he is an author and not a “shoe dog.” That term describes a lover of shoes. They eat, think, and dream about shoes. Sizes, colors, and designs, oh my! Phil began his journey right out of college. Going from his hometown in Oregon, to Hawaii, and eventually landing in Japan where he determinedly scored a successful meeting with the manufacturer of a shoe brand called, “tigers.” With years and years of nearly going broke multiple times, turmoil between manufacturers and the banks, they finally succeeded by going public with the company. I have to be honest, I thought Phil Knight was somewhat douchey by the way he handled certain employees. But I came to my own conclusion it was just his managerial style. The book falls off in some parts but never fails to pick up the pace. The question that puzzles me still, is if they never went public, would there have been a NIKE? Even though they were doubling sales consistently, they barely managed to make their promises on time. How would they have overcome this Goliath and dominated the industry consistently without constraint? I’ll leave you to ponder and comment ;). Pick up a copy on Amazon @ the link below!

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