The Pilot

10:23PM Wednesday, July 26th

As I started off this post, I knew the time stamp would be displayed without the need to write it. But, I felt the need to begin this way as if I was writing in a diary; albeit I’ve never really kept one. UVblog, aka Universal Variety blog, is the start of something dear to me. Universal Variety is the name of the company I started developing in the last 6 months or so. Initially, the idea was to use the start up as a way to bring in extra income via an apparel line; t shirts only; at the moment. I have a new family with my girlfriend, and our precious baby girl. Somewhere in the last year a fire lit inside of me, continuing to grow and BURN with an overwhelming passion and desire. I want to do so damn good for them it hurts. The brand itself, is to bring all of us together through one unique symbol; yearning to break barriers of segregation, by eliminating colors from our vision. The blog is an extension of myself personally. The changes to my health, thinking, spirituality, and body, through personal development, is what I want to share in hopes of helping those striving for similar goals. I will post reviews, notes, thoughts on what books, seminars etc I am currently/potentially pursuing. I will also be promoting products that I would fully endorse and offer you, to take advantage of. Well, that will be it for tonight. Thank you and sleep tight!

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